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Creating animated content for you. Great for motion graphics, 2D and 3D, cartoon story telling, animated icons, loops and more!


Frame-by-frame animation is a technique done by hand drawing each frame. This is the method used in old cartoons before the digital age. It is the most flexible kind of animation with no limits but high effort. This kind of animation is a personal favourite of ours.

  • We would animate at least 18 frames per second.

  • Fully coloured.

  • Background not included.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics animation typically uses 2D assets, shapes and icons to create animations. Perfect for a minimalistic style.

This can be suitable for logo animations, wallpapers, livestream screens, promotional content, etc.

This is typically a simplistic style animation.

Puppet Animation

Puppet animation is the latest and most common animation style used in this modern age, it is used in almost every 2D cartoon you see today.

This technique is quicker and more cost effective, but it is limited with stiff characters/objects.

  • We would animate at least 18 frames per second.

  • Fully coloured.

  • Background not included.

Stop Motion

Stop motion animation uses real world assets and many photographs to create an animation. This can be made with any movable thing in the real world, such as clay, paper/card, random objects, and even people.

It is a very complex animation style as it requires positioning your subjects perfectly, taking a photo, and then moving the subject a tiny bit. One wrong move can potentially cause a drastic affect on the whole scene.​

3D Animation

3D is just like puppet animation but in a 3 dimensional space. Great for making animations with different perspectives. This style is used in modern animation or VFX for films to import objects, creatures or even backgrounds that would be hard to get on film.

It is also another cost effective technique in modern motion picture, but it can still be a complex animation style depending on the level of detail

Prices may differ depending on the complexity of the animation.

For Graphics Motion, Puppet and 3D animation options, if you already have pre-made assets you would like us to animate you can get discounts of your commission!

Audio is not included, but we can do that for your with additional charges. We can get sound effects, find or create music, and even record voice lines for you!

If you have audio you can provide (such as sound effects, voice lines, music, etc.) you can get discounts for the audio service.

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